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Bainbridge Island Reviews: Massage Therapy with Rosemary Michaels LMP

Reviewing businesses on Bainbridge Island was not my intent when I created my website. That all changed after my recent massage from Rosemary Michaels LMP. Rosemary has been a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage therapist since 1998 – and here’s more about her services:

I treat each individual as just that, an individual. The body has a complex ecosystem that is sensitive to structural integration, as well as the emotional demands we require of it daily and over a lifetime. When this system is out of sync it can create strain and pain that is hard to eliminate. We work together to tailor your Massage session to your specific needs to achieve the results you require.

Bainbridge Island Massage Therapy Review - Rosemary Michaels LMPRosemary is Nationally Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Swedish, Strain Counterstrain, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Cupping Treatment and Sports.

On the day of my session, Rosemary reminded me of the date of my last visit (2012?) and still had the information from my previous session, After asking me what brought me back, Rosemary’s recommendation of a strain/counterstrain treatment was exactly what I needed. Afterward I felt fantastic, relaxed and I can honestly say it was the best message ever!

If you’re visiting or live on Bainbridge Island, and in need of a massage, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Rosemary Michaels LMP. You can contact her through her Facebook page or call and schedule an appointment at (206) 396-6524.

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