Bainbridge Island Neighborhoods

Bainbridge Island Neighborhoods and Communities

Town and Country Market Bainbridge IslandWhen you ask most people why they moved to Bainbridge Island, the first answer you’ll normally get is that “it was the schools” that brought them. Bainbridge Island Schools rank #8 in the most recent US News & World Report rankings of Washington State public/private schools. It’s definitely not due to funding – what makes the schools so great is the culture and parent involvement. As PTO President at Wilkes Elementary, I saw firsthand how parents respond to ‘calls’ for volunteers at every event. If you hesitate, you miss out, but it usually only happens once.

More Than Great Schools

When you ask people, whose kids are out of school, why they stay on Bainbridge Island, more than likely they’ll tell you that it’s the sense of community. Bainbridge Island is a small town and you truly get the small-town feel about Bainbridge Island when you experience the Grand Old 4th, Taste of Lynwood, and Pumpkin Walk. You’ll also get that feeling each time you go to the grocery store or ride the ferry. You run into people you’ve met, friends, neighbors and their friends and their neighbors. It never ends!

When you ask people who just ‘up and moved’ to Bainbridge Island, they’ll tell you that they visited once and fell in love with the island. It truly is that kind of place! I feel fortunate to live in a community that is a getaway and I’d love to share more about it.

Bainbridge Island Neighborhoods and Communities

Linked below, I’ve created searchable maps for specific Bainbridge Island neighborhoods and communities. Over time, I’ll add additional map searches for the rest of the neighborhoods and communities on Bainbridge Island.

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