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Kingston Washington

Kingston could soon be the Northwest’s next ‘I missed my chance’ area to purchase a home. A big reason why is the fast ferry service between Kingston and Downtown Seattle that has cut commute times by more than half – from 80 minutes to 33. Another reason Kingston is so attractive now is that homes are more affordable; I don’t think home prices reflect the improved commute – especially with waterfront homes and properties.

Depending on how you get there, walk-on or drive-on the ferry, you can have two very different trips to Kingston. Walking on the Edmonds ferry, you head through (or spend some time in) Mike Wallace Park and hit the main strip which is lined with shops, restaurants and cafés.

If you drive on the ferry, you can find free parking on the side streets throughout Kingston. The bonus for driving on is the ability to visit some of the great areas just outside of Kingston.

About eight miles northwest of Kingston is the former lumber town of Port Gamble Washington. In Port Gamble, you can wander around and when you’re ready, grab a bite to eat, see some weird pickled items at the General Store, rent kayaks, check out some vintage Northwest items, visit the town cemetery or play catch in the large field in the middle of Port Gamble. Be sure to check out the Port Gamble paranormal / ghost tours offered throughout the year.

About eight miles southwest of Kingston is the North Kitsap Heritage Park trailhead. Heritage Park is a trail you can get lost on without venturing too far. Make sure at least one mobile phone is fully charged just in case though. It’s a running, hiking and walking trail that winds through the woods and pops up randomly near the White Horse golf course or by a wastewater treatment plant – absolutely love Heritage Park!

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