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Riding the Ferry to Seattle: Dinner and Puzzle Break

During our kids’ mid-winter break, we decided to ferry over to Downtown Seattle for dinner and to try out the Puzzle Break escape room. One of my favorite things about living on Bainbridge Island is how easy it is to get to/from Downtown Seattle which makes a visit to Puzzle Break less difficult. No parking to pay for and no traffic to suffer through – it’s wonderful! Now, back to our adventure.

Before we hit Puzzle Break, we walked from the ferry terminal to FOB Poke Bar on 2nd and Blanchard for dinner. It’s like a Subway but with poke/raw fish. The food is great, the price is right, their restroom offers three toilet paper choices and it’s only a half-a-block from Puzzle Break.

What is Puzzle Break?

Puzzle Break Completed PhotoPuzzle Break is an escape room game that is full of clues/puzzles that solve other puzzles that give you more clues to more puzzles etc. The goal is simple: solve all of the puzzles and escape the room in under 60 minutes. Reaching the goal depends on how much your team likes puzzles and can work together.

After we successfully completed our puzzle/escape room by 8:50, we Uber’d to the Seattle terminal and easily caught the 9:15 ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Being able to ride the ferry to Downtown Seattle really opens up the city. Whether it’s going to a Seahawk or Mariners game, a play or concert, or Puzzle Break with your family – it’s just easier when you can hop on the boat. One ferry tip for travelers from Bainbridge Island: if you can, pre-purchase your return ferry tickets when you arrive in Seattle.

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