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Riding the Ferry to Seattle: Rock of Ages

One of the many things I absolutely LOVE about Bainbridge Island is how easy it is to get to Downtown Seattle. When you’re not concerned about paying for parking, or traffic, downtown events you might’ve avoided are in play. Perfect example is Rock of Ages at the 5th Avenue Theatre. I caught the 2:55 ferry out of Winslow and walked up toward the 5th Avenue Theatre, met friends for dinner, and went to the musical.

About Rock of Ages: this musical is for you if you were kicking it with your friends to Twisted Sister, Joan Jett, Poison, REO, Whitesnake, Journey and Foreigner. Actually, even Monsters of Rock fans will love it because it’s set in the same ‘musical’ period. If I were to go again, I might glam it up a bit to better represent the mid-80’s. Ripped jeans, leg bandanas, fingerless lace gloves, big hair (& makeup), and an oversized sweatshirt that says ‘Bitchin’ across the top. Rock of Ages continues at the 5th Ave until February 24th.

Ferry commuter bonus: I was able to read on the ferry ride there and nap on the ride back. Not very rocker’ish but…

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