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What is Arms Around Bainbridge?

Wanted to make my first post (!) about Arms Around Bainbridge and the amazing Bingo fundraiser I attended on Saturday February 2nd. Started in 2007, Arms Around Bainbridge “began with seven friends, a thirty mile swim around Bainbridge Island and one goal: To provide financial and emotional support to a friend as she battled ovarian cancer.”

After meeting their goal, and helping their friend, Arms Around Bainbridge realized there were more people on Bainbridge Island dealing with a life-threatening illness and in need of assistance so they’ve expanded their fundraising to year round. To date, Arms Around Bainbridge has raised and disbursed over $500,000 through events that include the annual 30 mile swim, bingo night and more.

At this year’s Bingo night, Arms Around Bainbridge (AAB) raised over $70k. Events included group Bingo (of course!), drop the ping pong ball and pantyhose bowling; I’d love to explain the last two but you just have to be there. We also had an opportunity to meet a cancer survivor who received not only financial assistance and support from AAB but also received help wading through piles of medical forms and statements.

Be sure to bookmark Arms Around Bainbridge’s website and/or follow them on Facebook to stay informed about the organization’s year round fundraising events.

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